The role of indigenous psychology in promoting harmonious development of human society in Indonesia: the spirit of Minang Kabau people of West Sumatera Indonesia

Fidesrinur (2017) The role of indigenous psychology in promoting harmonious development of human society in Indonesia: the spirit of Minang Kabau people of West Sumatera Indonesia. In: The 5th Strait Psychology and The First International Symposium on Cultural Psychology and Education, June 2017, Sanming, Fujian.

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Unity in diversity is the spirit of the people of Indonesia to fight colonization for independence. It is proved that 28th October 1928, the youth pledge was a decelerate which is proclaimed three ideals, one motherland, one nation and one language after Indonesian fight separately for centuries. And on June 1st 1945, “Pancasila” became philosophic fundamentals of state, which consists of five principles that are interrelated and inseparable, namely: (1) the believe in one God, (2) a just and civilized humanism, (3) unity of Indonesia, (4) democratic citizenship lead by wise guidance born of representative consultation and (5) social justice for all the people of Indonesia. Pancasila unite over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, 95% of those are native Indonesian ancestry. Historically, immigration from India, China, Portugal, Arabia and the Netherlands has been a major contributor to the diversity of religions and cultures within the country. However, those aspects have changed since some modifications have been made to suit Indonesian culture. On the other hand, religions in Indonesia are Islam (87,2%), Christianity (99%), Hinduism (1,7%), Buddhism (0,7%), Confucianism and others (0,2%). It is not easy to live in diversity without having the same guidance or values among Indonesian people. But nowadays people become individualistic and more exclusive, therefore, to live in harmony in society faces problematic situations in daily lives. The history of Indonesian shows that values of indigenous psychology or local wisdom is a lesson for us to learn to get along harmoniously. Besides Soekarno as the first President of Republic Indonesia, there are many Minang Kabau people who ware founding fathers of Indonesian such Moh. Hatta (the first Vice President of Indonesia), H. Agus Salim, Syahrir, Moh. Yamin, Hamka and etc. what made them succeed in making Indonesian people hand in hand to declare independent? Let us look at the vision, mission and strategy of Minangkabau people taken from Minangkabau proverb. First, vision of Minangkabau custom based on constitution, and constitution based on Al Quran the holly book of Islam. Islam has mercy on universe but whenever one has a religion “my religion is mine and your religion is yours, no one can be forced to embrace another religion”. God says that I create you within ethnic groups and nations to know each other. It means that everybody uniquely created by God, but it does not necessarily become a barrier to get along together, so it is important to try to understand the difference and get the sameness. That is why as good as human is how much he contributes to the benefits of other people. Second, mission, leave your home area to make your way in life “out of the box, to be more mature”. By leaving your home area, you hope that your knowledge, experience and your lives become better but do not forget your village when you get success. Third, strategy, how do you live when you are far away from your village. You need to find step parents (people that you trust and become new family) though you may not forget your mother or relatives. To adapt with new people, you have to behave according to its own culture or adjust your life with your environment accordingly or how you show your respect and restrain your desire since everybody has equal right. The idea you have depend on the way you communicate and to whom you communicate with: the same ages, the youngest, the eldest, and respectful words. That deeply and thoroughly before you speak up. A good communication makes a good friendship so the more you have friends the more solutions you have, the less friends you have the more trouble you might face. Furthermore, tradition of potluck is the way about how to make friends be introduced since young children to share food with your friends. The second one, the culture of going home to the village to show that we can be beneficial for our village. Last but not least you do what you say so you can be trusted. Our existence never depends on ethnic groups, religions or race you have but on how much benefit you are for other people and your environment. Again, to live in harmony need to exercises not only in the words or lip services. Everybody have the right to choose lives are choices!

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